Art, Leadership, Social Change

Art for Humanity


Providing students from around the world with the tools to develop their art as a vehicle for social change.


Generating programs that inspire, educate, motivate and cultivate the next generation of social artists and entrepreneurs.


Developing methodologies, compiling resources, promoting scholarly research and symposia, and building networks of individuals and organizations that provide the foundation for social change.


David, Muse-Int student

I am a God fearing, self-driven person and a hardworking man. In my free time I like singing and dancing, being with people and friends from far and near. I guess you can say I am a people’s person and I sincerely enjoy spending time with others. I am at ease whenever there are people […]

Viola, Fashion Design Student

The dreams I stopped dreaming Well, what can I say. Today I would describe me as a girl who cannot reach the dreams I have and I wish to have. My life story so far has been hard and difficult. When I was still a little girl I used to dream that one day I […]

IFT D.sign – signs of design

Inspiration is collaborating in a series of lectures, conversations and training in the field of design. Design takes up most of the public and private space of our times, it is no longer a means of decoration but a charged visual expression. A symbol that refers beyond the signified. This social cultural arena puts in […]

Chanukka Basar- Berlin 2016

Come and visit Inspiration’s stand at this years’ Berlin Chanukah Bazar at the Jewish Community Center in the Fasanenstraße.This upcoming Sunday, Dec. 4th between 11:00 – 18:00 we will inform about Inspiration’s work, meet and mingle and sell Ugandan handicrafts in order to support our ongoing projects and projects in planning.  

Art, Volunteering & Social Change Conference Booklet

We are proud to present a summary report of the First International two day conference for Art, Volunteering and Social Change, held at the College of Engineering Design Art and Technology, Makerere University. The Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art (MTSIFA) Makerere University, the Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD), Inspiration […]

Rana Choir awarded the International Hrant Dink Award

עברית العربية ↓ We are proud of Rana Choir for receiving the International Hrant Dink Award for 2016 in the category of “inspirations”, along with courageous and inspiring people from around the world. The award is granted every year to those considered as people who work for a world free of discrimination, racism and violence, […]

Inspiration Arts presents at the Social Innovation in Africa symposium in Tel Aviv University

Inspiration Arts’s Executive Director was invited to speak at the Social Innovation in Africa Symposium, by the Israeli Academic Center for Social Enterprise at the Social Work School, Tel Aviv University.  We used the stage to present our international collaboration with Brit Olam, the Israeli Volunteers Association, IGI and TAG – and now with the […]

People’s Concern Children Project – Preparing for the New School Year

Over the summer, our wonderful volunteers helped PCCP prepare for the upcoming school year. Providing materials such as notebooks for the students, helping build and repair the school itself, and painting new blackboards for the students and teachers are only a few of the necessities the volunteers helped to provide.  

Inspiration Arts at the z2x festival in Berlin

Inspiration Arts for Humanity introduced itself to young German visionaries at the z2x festival in Berlin. For two hours brilliant minds discussed Muse-International – one of our international projects in development, in partnership with NIAAD and Brit Olam. We literally rocked the boat!

Creative Connection 2016 End-of-Year Event

We are delighted to invite you to Creative Connections end-of-year event, Monday 30 May 2016 , Alliance House (Machne Yehuda Market), Jerusalem Facebook Event Page Event schedule: 5:30 pm Reception 6:00 pm Greetings and main performance 6:45 pm Art performances, talks and activities throughout the building Creative Connections produces encounters between different sectors and cultures […]

Inspiration 1st International Conference

Art Volunteering and Social Change conference program Art and culture are the heart of a society. It is a means of (non-)verbal communication and it can bridge between conflicting parties, because it displays not only what is but also what could be, art can be a driving factor in social change. Art can be perceived […]

Art, Volunteering & Social Change Conference

Art, Volunteering & Social Change Conference May 2 – 3, 2016 Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda For its first global event, Inspiration Arts for Humanity has partnered with Makerere University, the Nagenda International Academy for Art and Design (NIAAD) and the Israeli Volunteer Association (IVA), to deliver to you an interesting and thought-provoking conference. Art and culture are […]

Creative Connections Creative Connections addresses the issues of racism, violent discourse and lack of dialogue between the different sectors of society in Israel, by using the language and experience of art. A creative-artistic learning process as a platform for encounter between youth from different sectors is what stands at the base of the program. The heterogenic […]

Inspiration Arts panel at the IVA EuroMed conference

Inspiration Arts was proud to participate and lead a panel discussion at the Israel Volunteer Association first international conference: Volunteering Makes a Difference The conference took place on 6th-7th of April 2016, Hacienda Hotel, Maalot-Tarschicha, Israel, and focused on issues of Bridging social gaps, including minority groups, integrating refugees –How can the societies in Israel and Europe promote […]

Inspiration Arts Participated at Olam Focal Point conference

Inspiration Arts was proud to participate in Focal Point: The 1st Annual Gathering of OLAM Coalition Partners, as a partner in the coalition. We were invited to attend Focal Point, the first annual gathering of our 41 OLAM coalition partners – Jewish and Israeli organizations working to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in the developing […]

Inspiration MUSIC #003 – For Nepal

On April 25, 2015 the earth shook in Nepal. Over 10,000 were buried under the rubble, tens of thousands were injured and hundreds of thousands were left with no roof over their heads. Inspiration Arts (NGO) joined the NATAN coalition for international humanitarian aid to aid the Nepalese nation. We are sending group of volunteers […]


לרכישת כרטיסים! בתאריך 07.10.2015 בשעה 20:30 יתקיים ערב רביעי בסדרת האירועים של אינספריישן. בתכנית: אנסמבל אנ”ת – קבוצת מחול יוצרת כרוניקה >> יוצרת: אלינהר מאנץ’ בינשטוק << סולו אורח >> יוצרת: רותם גרינברג , מבצעת: קורנליה טרומפר << פוליטיקה חדשה למתחילים >> יוצרת: דניאל סו קינד << מופע המחול יתמוך בפרויקט חינוך לאמנות בפריפריה הצפונית […]

ArtCamp #2

Join ArtCamp#2 As part of Inspiration’s belief in the power of the artist to express, create and influence communities with his work, we host a gathering of artists, an encounter interpersonal and social issues, collaborative creation space, art workshops and exposing social projects and initiatives. For three days and two nights,ArtCamp provides a platform for […]

8000 Paper Clips & 1 Skype Call

Art Installation at The Artists House in Tel Aviv, documenting an artistic encounter with South Sudanese refugees deported from Israel, living in Uganda. This project is an initiative of artist Raffael Lomas and the Agricultural Center for the Research of Creativity with photographer Barak Brinker in collaboration with Come True, Inspiration International – Arts for […]

Inspiration Music #2

Thank you for joining Inspiration Arts in our vision to promote social change and leadership with artistic tools as we bring to you our second music concert from Inspiration events Series. Join us 1 March 2015 at Jaffa Theater

Identity Wipe Art Show

A3 MA art partnership in collaboration with Inspiration -Art, Leadership and Social Change are happy to invite you to an art event at Inspiration center in Bik’at Kinnerot, on Thursday, 18 Decembet 2014, 8pm. The Event will examine, from different perspectives, voluntary transition between identities, the moment when a person is left devoid of identity. […]

Music #1 – thank you for coming! / we missed you!

Thank you to everyone that came out to our fantastic music event featuring The Angelcy, this past Monday, 24th November 2014 at Beit Hayotzer. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did, and were able to meet other like-minded individuals dedicated to making this world a better, safer place. We can’t express […]

Inspiration Music #1

אנו שמחים להזמינך לאירוע תמיכה מוסיקלי מבית אינספיריישן, הראשון מבין סדרת אירועים אמנותיים שנועדו לסייע לנו להוציא אל הפועל את חזוננו המשותף לקידום מנהיגות ושינוי חברתי בכלים אמנותיים. אינספיריישן הינה יוזמה חדשנית תרבותית-חברתית המבוססת על עקרונות המצוינות האמנותית, אקטיביזם חברתי ומעורבות קהילתית, תוך אמונה בכוחה של השפה האוניברסאלית של האמנות להפוך את העולם למקום טוב יותר. […]

Hackathon – Art, People, and the Valley at Gabriel House

A first-of-its-kind social initiative in the Jordan Valley, where social, community, educational projects met in order to help advance each other’s ideas by creating connections between organizations, local activists and individuals. After advertising the event in the local media and via alternative media, 14 entrepreneurs came together for a 12 hour marathon event. Held in […]

Community Mural Painting in Cooperation with ArtsUp

The Israeli Center regularly joins forces with organizations and artists who work with art in the community. International artist Max Levin ,from Artolution – Community Based Public Art, directed a workshop for volunteers from the ANAT movement, and The Young Leadership Group. The purpose of this workshop was to materialize his and Inspiration’s shared vision […]

Art Camp

  As a young aspiring, artistic, globetrotting, do-gooding grassroots activist I have to say I think I have found a place to call home.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in a small art festival in northern Israel near Kibbutz Beit Zera, this is where I found Inspiration Arts.  While I was […]

Art for Youth Empowerment with Come true project

The Israeli center for Art, Community and Environment works in cooperation with the Come True project which aims at bringing South Sudanese children who were raised in Israel until 2012, back to school (The project includes 120 children who were brought from South Sudan to study at the Trinity Academy, a boarding school in Kampala, […]

The Young Leadership Group

The Young Leadership Group focus is to develop the connection between leadership and art among teenagers in the Jordan Valley. Consisting of youth from the regional high school, Beit –Yerah, youth between the 9th and12th grades gather weekly for organized artistic activities. These gathering are meant to reinforce leadership and activism using artists tools. Each […]

Artists in the Community Program

A main branch of activity of the Arts, Community and Environment Center includes practicing artists who come to the Jordan Valley to advance the center’s vision, while also working on their own personal projects.  The artists lead different projects in cooperation with local communities, and partake in an artistic process that includes the whole community […]