Art leads Change (ALC). ALC is an artists in residency Program fostering Cultural Diversity and Artistic Cultural Diplomacy. The program, aims to advance intercultural dialogue between Uganda, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Germany. Through a united voice, that empowers the artists and cultural diversity through an unlikely collaboration of musicians from various backgrounds, the program will find its end and highlight in the celebration of a final concert. This project is rooted in the need to find innovative avenues for reinforcing ties between the countries mentioned above, while building bridges between the East and the West, the North and the South, the foreign and the familiar. 

Artists in general and musicians in particular, have an instrumental role to play in facilitating relations between different cultures. Where many diplomatic initiatives and programs fail, artists succeed in finding a common voice while respecting and celebrating diversity in rhythm, harmony and tune. Therefore, they not only display what is but also what can be. Sustainable intercultural dialogue occurs where people are heard and motivated to find their own solutions and voices.