Interdisciplinary Center of Art and Social Change, Uganda

Inspiration Arts for Humanity, Makerere University and the Naggenda cometrue1International Academy for Art and Design, both located in Uganda, have collaborated to create the first inter-continental Interdisciplinary Center of Art & Social Change. The center advances the professional development of the artists, social activists, scholars, students and volunteers participating in its various programs and operates as a hub for international networking, knowledge distribution, research and practice. Embedded in the heart of Africa, the center is nourished by artists and experts from all over the world and inspired by the rhythms, colors and shapes of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Goals of the Inter-disciplinary Center:

Goal #1: To combine the areas of art, transformational leadership and entrepreneurship into an interdisciplinary training program
Goal #2: To establish a hub of knowledge, information and networking among artists and the local community members engaged in art as well as social and community development locally and internationally
Goal #3: To develop working models for community art projects that are applicable worldwide
Goal #4: To create a culturally involved and represented community


Makerere University        Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design